"The best cigar evening I've ever had."

Stroll between London’s most comfortable cigar salons and smoking decks and learn about some of the less well known of 27 different Cuban cigar brands. But if you have a favourite cigar, we will make sure that we always have that brand on hand too.  

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Start in the sumptuous art deco surroundings of The Ritz Cigar Lounge with a glass of champagne and a light Cuban cigar selected from the Hoyo de Monterrey or a Rafael Gonzalez ranges.


Stroll along Jermyn Street and up to Soho to the Soho Whiskey Lounge and take an hour to taste some malts and perhaps a bourbon with a name dating from the time of the American civil war. Pair the stronger drinks with a Vegas Robaina or a Cohiba Maduro.

Finally, we can refresh ourselves on the terrace at The Groucho Club or the comfortable sofas in front of J Sheekeys Atlantic Bar with a calvados and a full flavoured limited edition Roman Allones or a Cohiba Talisman.


The Cigars will be Cuban but the start times and venues can be altered.


Each guest will have the opportunity to enjoy any three cigars from light, medium and full flavoured Cuban brands.


Simon Selkin will tailor his cigar presentations to the experience of the guests, and they may ask as many cigar related questions as they wish throughout the evening.

The presentations will always include the agriculture behind the distinctive flavour of the Cuban cigar, the methods used to roll and construct the cigar, cutting and lighting and how to keep cigars in the best possible condition.


Guests can also take away with them any cigar from the selection provided in the evening together with a cutter, matches and a jet lighter. (NB we can source any named brand cutter and lighter. For example Xikar, Colibri, Dupont etc.)


It is also possible to conduct a similar evening in a private venue with a rum tasting, a meal prepared by a famous game chef and, of course, a whisky offering to finish. Numbers will be limited depending on current government guidelines.

Simon Selkin founder of Robusto House Ltd
"A good cigar is like tasting a good wine: you smell it, you taste it, you look at it, you feel it - you can even hear it. It satisfies all the senses."

Cigar Experiences

Robusto House is the world’s premier purveyor of the world’s best cigars at England’s best events.


We are also famous for our bespoke cigar experiences including our excellent cigar walks.


Simon Selkin, the founder of Robusto House, will personally guide you through the cigars and the venues ensuring that you always have the right cigar between your fingers.

We can tailor a cigar experience to suit you or as a gift for a friend or as a corporate evening.


Please email contact@robustohouse.co.uk

or call Simon on  07850 303 403

if you wish to discuss a cigar experience.