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How to choose the right cigar for you and your friends

Do you have a favourite? Cuban cigars, what is your favourite brand - Robusto House store

Yes, search for your favourite brand.

Choose the size you want and remember that the ‘to share’ packs come with a free cigar cutter, cedar matches and a jet lighter.

No, start with any cigar that is light.

Choose the size that works for you, remember Simon Cigars says that the wider cigars are more pleasant because it’s so easy to draw the smoke through a wider cigar.

My suggestion is nothing less than a 44-ring gauge.

Where do your cigars come from?

All the Cuban cigars we sell are authentic EMS (English Market Selection) and are supplied by the exclusive supplier of Cuban cigars in the UK Hunters and Frankau Est. 1790. They are the exclusive supplier of Cuban cigars in the UK. Cuban cigars we sell at Robusto House are authentic EMS (English Market Selection) and carry a sticker of authenticity Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any more information regarding the provenance of our cigars. Thank you, Simon Cigars.

Cigar Strengths

Light, Medium and Full.

Because the best Cuban cigars are all rolled using tobacco grown from the Criollo seed the strength and flavour is easier to categorise than cigars from other countries who may use tobaccos from several countries.

The current 27 Cuban cigar brands are split into 5 categories:

Light, Light to Medium, Medium, Medium to Full and Full flavour.

As all hand rolled, organic Cuban cigars are impossible to categorise with a definitive accuracy we have simplified the categories into Light, Medium and Full flavour.

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