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Por Larrañaga - Petit Corona - Light Flavour

This hand rolled Cuban cigar is one of the oldest Cuban brands. It has an almost sweet taste. We introduced them to our tray during the 2019 season and everyone loves them!


Romeo y Julieta - Petit Corona - Medium Flavour

A mellow, well-balanced, box pressed cigar. A great size and a cigar brand with a long history of producing well-made medium flavour Cuban cigars.


Cohiba - Siglo II - Medium Flavour

If you're a 'Cohiba man' nothing else will do. Every time you smoke a Cohiba you can taste the extra time and effort that is lavished on this Cuban flagship brand. The Cohiba Siglo II is one of the firm favourites of the Linea 1492 range which celebrates Columbus landing on Cuba. Excellent tobacco, the best, and wonderful construction.


Montecristo No. 4 - Full Flavour

The Monte No.4 is a full flavour cigar and my recommendation is to start with the light Por Larrañaga - Petit Coronas and then move on up in intensity. if that's where you want to go.

Cigar Journey Bundle

  • Product Information:

    Por Larrañaga - Petit Corona
    FLAVOUR: Light
    LENGTH:  5 ⅛ Inches / 129 mm
    RING GAUGE: 42


    Romeo y Julieta - Petit Corona
    FLAVOUR: Medium
    LENGTH: 5 ⅛ Inches / 129mm
    RING GAUGE: 42mm


    Cohiba - Siglo II
    FLAVOUR: Medium
    LENGTH: 5 ⅛ Inches / 129 mm
    RING GAUGE: 42mm


    Montecristo No. 4
    FLAVOUR:  Full
    LENGTH: 5 ⅛ Inches / 129mm
    RING GAUGE: 42mm

  • Free with your cigar bundle:

    All our bundles and cigar journeys come with a free cutter, matches and to make sure that you can enjoy your cigar anywhere, a jet lighter.

  • Delivery:

    Please note, due to new EU regulations, we cannot ship tobacco products to the EU and USA.

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