Behike 56 cigars

Cohiba Behike 56 - Box of 10


I have a pal who sends his children to a school where most of the parents (or grandparents) have done well very well indeed. Apparently, the parents are divided into the categories of ‘yachts’ and ‘have nots’.


I have met a few very wealthy cigar lovers who have a particular size and blend of cigar made for them and add their initials in some sort of gold leaf.


If you’re very, very well off but not quite at the bespoke cigar level of funds but you are still agonising over the wood the nautical architects are going to use in the 3rd bathroom on your yacht then the Cohiba Behike is the cigar for you.


They are rare and expensive, and some will insist on the tycoon ring gauge Behike 56. Personally, a 56-ring gauge is ample for me and plenty wide enough to allow you to gently draw the smoke through the expertly bunched filler leaves into your caviar infused mouth.


Now, where did I put those drawings … ?


Lay down a box or two if you can. Try one as soon as possible.


Cohiba tasting & brand notes:


A medium to strong Cuban brand that was created for the late President Fidel. Production began in 1966, but the Cohiba brand was not released to the public until sixteen years later. Cohiba is an ancient Taino Indian word for the bunches of tobacco leaves that Columbus first saw being smoked by Cuba’s original inhabitants.

Cohiba Behike 56 - Box of 10

  • FLAVOUR: Medium to Full

    RING GAUGE: 56

    LENGTH:  6 ½ Inches / 165mm

    SMOKING TIME: 1 hour 30  Minutes

Purchase a box of cigars, a 'to share' bundle or 3 or more cigars and receive a jet lighter, cigar cutter and cedar cigar matches free of charge. 

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