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Cohiba - Siglo VI - Medium Flavour


Cohiba - Siglo VI - It’s the ‘big daddy’! Reserved for those days when you have the time to smoke a substantial cigar to celebrate a wonderful English summer afternoon or the recent takeover of your business with the resulting satisfying sensation of not having to worry about paying the bills ever again (don’t forget to invite us to that celebration please).


The 52-ring gauge makes it a significant presence in your fingers. And, as always, stuffed full of the best tobacco that the famous Cohiba El Laquito factory can find.


The Sopranos score: 4 out of 5

Cohiba - Siglo VI

  • Product Information:

    FLAVOUR: Medium

    RING GAUGE: 52mm

    LENGTH: / 5 ⅞ Inches / 150mm


  • Delivery:

    Please note, due to new EU regulations, we cannot ship tobacco products to the EU and USA.

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